Basic Concept


People Excellence

Project selection:

  • Establishment of a company-internal training academy for in-house training and further education (incl. development of a script on production technology), so that the skilled worker rate in production could be increased from approx. 50 % to > 90 %

  • Introduction of agile idea management as a company- wide initiative "Triple i" (Ideas, Improvement & Innovation) through more comprehensive involvement of employees and faster evaluation or implementation of suggestions.

  • Initiation and implementation of a mentoring program for young employees to familiarize them with the global corporate culture on the one hand and to introduce them to company-specific expertise on technologies and products on the other.

Resource Excellence

Project selection:

  • Development and commissioning of a wet-chemical exhaust air purification system for selective hydrogen sulfide separation and recycling into the production process as a measure for production-integrated environmental protection.

  • Planning and design of a new hydrometallurgical recycling process for technology metals that is characterized by a significantly higher yield of recyclable materials compared with previous processes.

  • Introduction of systematic sustainability management based on DIN ISO 26000 and first publication of a sustainability report in close cooperation with employees, suppliers and customers.

Production Excellence

Project selection:

  • Implementation of statistical process control to improve product qualities and reduce manufacturing costs.

  • Introduction of Lean Production and Six Sigma Management as a global initiative under the name "cLean Factory" and establishment of an in-house training program led by a full-time Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, with more than 1000 participants (Yellow & Green Belts) within a few years.

  • Introduction and implementation of a company-wide management system for quality (DIN ISO 9001), environment (DIN ISO 14001), energy (DIN ISO 50001), occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001), aviation (DIN ISO 9100) and medical technology (DIN EN ISO 13485) as well as laboratory accreditation (DIN ISO/IEC 17025).

Commerce Excellence

Project selection:

  • Leading an interdisciplinary project team for the development of "Additive Manufacturing" of semi-finished products made of technology metals, to promote creative teamwork ("Creative Collaboration") between material experts, technology developers, component designers and strategic end customers from the high-tech sector.

  • Initiation of a platform for open innovation with external technology and market experts, with the aim of having the company's own research and development activities - taking into account the constantly changing customer and market requirements - regularly reviewed or evaluated with a critical and at the same time visionary eye.

  • Determining the carbon footprint of selected products across the entire value chain, taking into account the use of secondary raw materials compared with primary raw materials.

Innovation Excellence

Project selection:

  • Development of a short-term test method to quantify sour water formation of sulfide-containing waste from the mining industry as a prerequisite for the design of abatement measures.

  • Design of a process for the more cost-effective production of spherical chemical powders.

  • Conceptual design, set-up and commissioning of a new process for the production of nanoscale high-performance ceramic powders with significantly improved application properties compared to commercially available materials.

Enterprise Excellence

Project selection:

  • Consolidation of production processes and closure of sites in stagnating sales markets.

  • Establishment and commissioning of new "greenfield" production capacities in expanding sales markets.

  • Involvement in acquisition and divestment projects with a focus on filling and presenting the innovation pipeline and the associated development and growth potential.

  • Spin-off of production-related services into independent subsidiaries in order to focus more strongly on core processes in the individual business areas.


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