Dr. Michael Reiß is an experienced managing director and leader of transformation processes with a focus on employees, production, technology, innovation and sustainability.


Parallel to his engineering studies in process technology - with specializations in chemical and environmental technology - he worked from 1995 as a project assistant and then, with the successful completion of his diploma in December 1996, as a project manager in research & development on interdisciplinary issues in mineral resources & geotechnical engineering, metallurgy, chemistry and biology.


From 2000 to 2011, he assumed operational responsibility in the chemical-metallurgical industry as plant, production and site manager (approx. €350 million in sales, approx. 1,000 employees) with a focus on increasing competitiveness by strengthening the value chain, minimizing manufacturing costs, improving product qualities, modernizing production technologies, introducing statistical process control and expanding production capacities.


From 2012 to 2019, he held entrepreneurial responsibility as authorized signatory, supervisory board member and managing director at a specialist for high-performance materials with 16 production sites in America, Europe and Asia (approx. €850 million sales, approx. 3,500 employees). His main task was the implementation of a "Global Production Footprint" to ensure sustainable sales growth through an improved production and supply chain.


Since 2021, he has been working as a freelance expert and process consultant as well as operating partner or advisory board member, predominantly for family and start-up companies. His passion is sustainable business and corporate development through systemic-integral potential development. In doing so, it is his aspiration to connect people in their strengths.

Dr. Michael Reiß

Managing Director HOLOS Excellence®


Dr. Michael Reiß holds qualifications as Diploma Engineer and PhD Engineer from TU Clausthal as well as university/association certificates as consultant (Augsburg Business School), Trainer (V.I.E.L Hamburg, DVCT), Coach (FH Wismar) and Mediator (FH Wismar). He also holds management certificates in Lean Six Sigma (CertEuropA, Alphadi Akademie), Technology (RWTH Aachen), Innovation (RWTH Aachen, Verrocchio Düsseldorf), Change (Augsburg Business School) and Sustainability (University Witten/Herdecke).

Corporate Mission

What does the HOLOS Excellence mission statement look like in detail?


Together with holistically thinking and acting network partners, we will achieve the tipping point for sustainable entrepreneurship in order to create the prerequisites for an environmental, social and economic system that is fit for grandchildren.


We support small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in their transformation to sustainable business and corporate development through systemic-integral potential development without the need for additional external resources.

Guiding Principles

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.“ (Albert Einstein)

“To achieve the possible, we must attempt the impossible again and again" (Hermann Hesse)

Action Principles

We interact in your transformation projects using specifically adapted methods and tools empathically, appreciatively, with integrity, mindfully, adaptively, sustainably and holistically.


In our world - with its strongly increasing dynamics and complexity - we have to expand the existing approaches to thinking and acting in such a way that late consequences can be excluded. HOLOS Excellence focuses precisely on this challenge.


Which values shape the interactions with our customers?


We involve all key stakeholders in the projects.


We challenge the status quo openly, focused and fast.


We integrate the knowledge and experience of the workforce into the transformation in a way that values them.


We are trustworthy and act to the best of our knowledge and belief.


We are conscious and moderate in our use of all resources made available to us.


We take ecology, economy and sociology equally into account in our concepts.


We process your project in the systemic completeness of all parts and their properties as well as relationships among each other.


Which competences can HOLOS customers experience?

Complementary Consulting

Systemic-integral complementary consulting is the targeted combination of two different working approaches in management consulting: The technically oriented expert consulting with a focus on strategy, business model, organization, production, technology, supply chain as well as IT (in short: hard factors) and the psychologically oriented process consulting with a focus on experience, behavior, motivation and leadership (in short: soft factors).

The key person is a complementary consultant who has comprehensive knowledge of facts & people and can skillfully vary between expert and process consulting in a kind of pendulum movement depending on the progress of the project.

Corporate Development

Holistic corporate development considers not only internal conditions (integral diagnostics) but also external influences (PESTEL, trends) on products, strategy, structure and processes and interactively designs a development path with stakeholders, taking into account environmental, social and economic sustainability criteria (ESG, CCF, SDG, Supply Chain Act).

The key person is an entrepreneur who takes up and implements new ideas at eye level with the management, creatively combines tangible & intangible "productive forces" and thus displaces or dissolves existing structures and creates new structures & processes.


Which are the different roles we can play in the transformation projects?


Neutral and structured mediation in the constructive resolution of a conflict by restoring the ability to reflect/act.


Structured support in complex problems as well as procedural support in decision-making and in the implementation phase.


Systemic process consulting to acquire different ways of thinking and acting related to the personal & professional situation, role and context.


Systemic process consulting of a group to identify common solution and development potentials and to make them usable for all.


Integral expert consulting for teams & organizations on strategicoperational issues and expert advice on finding solutions.


Integral expert consulting for executives in problem analysis, development & selection of solutions as well as support during implementation.


Passing on technical and experiential knowledge to a person who is still inexperienced in order to help with personal and/or professional development.


Providing specific knowledge or behavioral skills that participants can apply in future situations.


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